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How Does Thermal Body Detection System Work, What Are Its Advantages?

The pandemic continues to shape technological developments, as in all matters. One of these has been thermal cameras, which have come to the fore recently. Thermal Body Sensing systems try to provide companies with a healthy environment.

Business owners continue their efforts to provide virus-free workplaces during the pandemic. Businesses; While protecting both its staff and customers with strict measures such as vaccinations, the obligation to wear masks and social distance, it also continues to fight the disease.

How Do Thermal Body Detection Cameras Work?

Thermal cameras initially measure body temperature accurately and quickly. The devices make contactless body temperature measurement at building entrances more effective.

Another feature of scanners is to ensure that employees use time correctly and help eliminate negligence caused by employees. In scanners using AI technology, those with fever are detected and their entry is denied. 

Thanks to the developed technology, although it does not specifically test for coronavirus, it also helps detect diseases that show symptoms of high fever.

What are the benefits of a Thermal Body Detection Scanner for your business?

Thermal scanners equip business owners with the first line of defense against infectious diseases and provide peace of mind to their employees, patients and customers.

 Another benefit it provides is that it helps detect those showing symptoms of coronavirus on the spot, notifies you of those who do not wear masks and those who are risky to enter your workplace, and greatly reduces negligence.

A variety of thermal body detection scanners can be recommended for business owners of all sectors and sizes. Whether you have a small office or a large, high-traffic organization, thermal detection solutions provide the following advantages;

  • Fast detection. It is completed in approximately 0.2 seconds per person.
  • Accurate mask detection scanning. It warns you of people trying to enter your building without wearing a mask.
  • Contactless solution. It provides accurate temperature detection and facial recognition simultaneously, minimizing the risk of liability.
  • Advanced smart technologies. High anti-spoofing detection, including high temperature measurement and facial recognition, effective against photo and video fraud.
  • High image capacity. It can store tens of thousands of face images.

To examine products for all your needs, from small offices to large buildings 

Prices and Features of Thermal Body Detection Scanners

There are thermal body detection scanners in the market with many price ranges depending on their features.

In determining prices; Features such as artificial intelligence quality, thermal sensitivity, image quality, portability, measurement accuracy are among the biggest factors.

Portable Thermal Scanners

The most important feature of small-sized thermal body sensors is that they can be carried by hand. The areas of use of these cameras are places where few people come and go, such as small businesses and workshops. 

It enables manual control at entrances and exits to these businesses. The current prices of these cameras are lower than the fixed ones and vary depending on the features of the device.

Fixed Thermal Body Sensors

Fixed thermal body sensors are used in crowded and crowded areas such as schools, shopping malls, airports, public buildings, plazas and factories.

The price range for fixed body cameras varies depending on the advanced technical features of the camera. The prices of cameras with few features are suitable for the entry level, while the prices of cameras with more features are higher.

What are the features that determine Thermal Camera Prices?

  • High fever detection, which has become more important recently with the pandemic
  • Precise Accuracy Measurement (0.5%)
  • Mask Detection
  • Advanced Face Definition
  • High Resolution
  • Multiple Verification
  • Recognition Distance Area
  • Person Registration
  • Audible Alarm
  • Turnstile and Door Locking




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