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“We will be able to send video from our brain”: the future through the eyes of visionaries

Humanity is rapidly moving towards the emergence of a general AI that will affect all areas of life. According to visionaries, in the near future people will be able to live in near space, and robots will help them in routine matters.

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft

As crucial as the invention of the microprocessor, personal computer, internet, and cell phone was the development of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence will change the way people work, study, travel, get medical care and communicate with each other. Entire industries will be refocused on AI. Companies will stand out by how well they use it…

Artificial intelligence will help fight the most serious threats in the world. Health inequalities are now the largest, with 5 million children under the age of five dying every year. That’s less than 10 million two decades ago, but still a shockingly high number. Almost all of these children were born in poor countries and are dying from curable diseases such as diarrhea or malaria. It’s hard to imagine a better use of AI than saving the lives of children… Climate change is another challenge that I believe AI can help combat.”

Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group

“ In 20 years, a spacecraft with people will reach Mars, and humanity will already participate in the lunar project. I think that some kind of living environment will be formed on the Moon and companies like Boeing will be involved in its development. One day, there will be a hotel near the moon with capsules from which you can just look at the Earth from the windows, and small two-seat spaceships that can travel on the moon and return to the hotel at night.

Thomas Frey, founder of the think tank DaVinci Institute

“ By 2030, we will need 3 million more AI engineers. People will work as drone control center operators. Drones will help reduce crime: they will respond to gunshots and chase criminals until they are detained by the police …

Law enforcement will study data and make predictions about where crimes will occur before they happen…

In the coming decades, vacuum tunnels will be built, through which people will move at a speed of 1200 km / h. Ultra-high-speed aircraft will deliver passengers from New York to Los Angeles in a couple of hours. Taxi drones will pick them up from airports.

Maybe people will even be able to spend their holidays in the center of the Earth. Luxurious underwater hotels and fish farms in the ocean will appear. Floating cities will develop and zoos with animals we have never seen – genetic engineering will create something like a saber-toothed tiger and other unusual species.

Sundar Pichai, head of Alphabet

Every sector, industry, and facet of our lives will be impacted by AI. I would call AI the deepest technology humanity is working on. I think it will lead to great social upheavals in the labor market. Governments should be involved in the processes of regulation of this situation. True professionalism will play a big role in the future labor market.”

Michio Kaku, physicist, science popularizer

Nanomedicine will enable us to develop a “magic cure” for cancer. For example, with the help of nanotechnology, individual molecules will be able to target cancer cells. In the future, your toilet will be your first line of defense against cancer, because it will analyze bodily fluids that contain signs of cancer cells years before the formation of a malignant tumor. Cancer will become like a common cold that doesn’t kill anyone, except maybe when you have pneumonia …

Students taking exams will be able to blink and see all the answers right in their contact lenses.This can also be helpful in other circumstances. . For example, you are present at a party where there are very important people who can influence your future. However, you don’t know who. In the future, you will definitely be able to understand who to approach at such events. This technology can also be useful on blind dates. Of course, your new acquaintance will say that he is single, rich and successful. But your contact lenses will object that he pays alimony, is divorced three times and is generally a complete loser.

Ray Kurzweil, inventor and futurist

Human life expectancy will rise by over a year per year by 2030. Special nanobots will be embedded in the bloodstream: they will “restore” the brain and connect it with the cloud. When this happens, we will be able to send videos or emails directly from the brain, as well as back up our memories. In 2045, humanity will reach a singularity in which our intelligence will merge with AI, amplifying billions of times.”

Former Google CEO and Schmidt Futures co-founder Eric Schmidt

The introduction of AI will make science far more fascinating and in some respects unrecognizably transformative. The echoes of this shift will be felt far beyond the lab; they affect all of us. We can build a future in which AI-powered tools save us from mindless and time-consuming work, and lead to creative inventions and discoveries,facilitating breakthroughs that would otherwise take decades. Humans will build AI-powered machines with hundreds of micropipettes working day and night to create samples at a speed never seen before. Eventually, most scientific research will be carried out in “autonomous laboratories” – on automated robotic platforms combined with artificial intelligence. AI tools will help lower the entry barrier for young scientists and open up opportunities for those who have traditionally been excluded from the field.”

Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX and Tesla

“I believe that sooner rather than later, the proportion of humanoid robots to humans will be greater than one to one. We will see the domestic, industrial use of robots, as well as the work of humanoid robots .

All cars will become fully electric and autonomous. Driving a non-autonomous gasoline car will be similar to riding a horse and using a flip phone .”

Neil deGrasse Tyson is an astronomer and scientific communicator.

“ There are people who are sure that AI will destroy us. I don’t think so , but I’m not an expert either. I do not agree with the statement that everything goes to the end of the world. I have an optimistic outlook. We need to get AI to write everything that does not require authorship: brochures, instructions and travel guides. We have almost reached the day when AI will control your car. He will be able to text and drive at the same time without putting anyone’s life at risk. He will be able to drive a car at a speed of 150 km / h on a narrow road and still avoid accidents. At least in the US, this will save 40,000 lives a year. With proper implementation, artificial intelligence will solve the problem of hunger, genome editing and all other problems that we cannot solve on our own.”

Arvind Krishna, head of IBM

“ Artificial intelligence already easily takes on 30 to 50% of human tasks and can perform them with the same or even greater skill than humans. Companies need to prepare their employees to work with new AI applications. This means combining human experience and knowledge of complex processes (such as bringing a new drug to market) with artificial intelligence. We need to instill in people the appropriate skills to work creatively and responsibly with AI.

This does not mean that every employee will have to learn how to program, but most will have to familiarize themselves with new solutions. At the same time, companies will need to think about how to move employees freed from routine work with the help of AI to other positions. I think the introduction of artificial intelligence will not only lead to innovation, but also increase employee satisfaction and productivity.”

Pat Gelsinger, head of Intel

“Over the past 50 years, geopolitics have been shaped by the location of oil reserves. Now , where technology and semiconductor supply chains are located will determine geopolitics for the next 50 years. Everything is becoming more digital, and everything digital is powered by semiconductors. So they are critical to every aspect of human existence. All areas of life will be driven by digital technologies – healthcare, cars, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, personal computers.”

John Carmack, co-founder of id Software and Armadillo Aerospace

I believe that by the 2030s, artificial general intelligence should be a reality.. What if I said that ten years from now we will have “universal remote workers”, which are general purpose AIs running in the clouds? People can just dial in and say, “I need five Franks today and ten Amys, and we’re going to put them in these jobs.”

We are constantly building human capital and applying it to the things we work with today, or we could just say: “I want to make a movie, create a comic or something like that, give me the necessary command,” and then start the production process in cloud. That is my vision.”

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple

The fundamental concept of augmented reality is that objects from the digital world can be superimposed on the real environment.. This will significantly improve communication between people, their connection. AR technology will enable us to achieve what we could not achieve before. This environment may even be better than just the real world. And it’s exciting. If technology can speed up creativity or simply help us do what we do all day, then we will stop thinking about how to work differently.

Martin Ford, futurist

Deepfakes already exist, which are artificial intelligence-generated images, audio, and video that imitate actual humans. <…> It is likely that for 30 years the heirs of deceased movie stars will continue to make films with the participation of their ancestors. And none of the characters we see in the movies will be real. So what will be the need for actors? Producers will create characters by talking to artificial intelligence.”

Emad Mostak, founder of Stability AI

“We must see the presence of AI in the future as inevitable. Already, 41% of the code on GitHub is generated code, and in six months ChatGPT can pass the exam for a middle-level programmer. In five years, programmers will no longer be a profession. In general , the development of AI will allow each of us to earn money by inventing and bringing to market products that will make people’s lives better .”



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