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Work from Home Technology: 15 Must-Know Tips to Protect Your Business

The last thing you want when working from home is interruptions. You’d better take a look at our article to avoid interruptions!

Protecting your technology while working in a home office is as important as protecting your home or car. However, while working during the day and rushing to do the next job, we ignore some things. Do not do this! We’ve compiled a checklist to keep you, your computer, and other devices running smoothly .

In the days of the Covid-19 pandemic, when expenses are minimized, this situation also has an economic side. In some cases, it may be necessary to purchase new equipment to work effectively from home . But before you decide you need a new device, it might be a better idea to make the most of what you have!

One of the Most Important Devices: Your Modem!

Articles that give tips for working from home generally start from your computer. We’ll start with another device that’s been slightly overlooked in this article. Your modem!

1) Is Your Modem Safe?
First of all , you need to make sure that your modem is secure . For this, you can make the password that allows you to access the Wi-Fi network, which you and your family must enter once for each device, beautiful and complex.

2) Change the Modem’s Administrator Password.
Hackers who want to access your network will first try the default username and password. To do this, you need to know and change the password for the administrator function. 

You should also make this information complex and unique . If you are afraid of losing it, you can try writing it down somewhere.

3) Make Sure the Modem Software is Up to Date
Most users ignore modem updates, and they are right. Because this process is not very user friendly. You need to type the IP address (usually into the browser and log in with the administrator name and password.

 You then have to navigate the web interface to find the firmware update area, which is not always automatic. By the way, you can make it more secure by turning off remote management , which is another method used by hackers to enter the system .

4) Is the Modem in the Right Place? You can manipulate the physical location of the modem to improve.

Wi-Fi coverage and performance . But the most important point you should not forget is to avoid physical obstacles. Remember that a modem’s Wi-Fi signals are propagated via radio waves, so if you put it in a closet it will perform less well than in a more open area.

5) Do You Know Your Bandwidth?
If members of your household are streaming, video chatting with friends, and playing online games, you need to make sure you’re making the most of the bandwidth you have. 

Check whether your internet package suits your usage habits and needs. Using too little or too much data can cause problems. If possible, do not hesitate to contact your service provider.

Having sufficient bandwidth in your home does not mean that you can watch 4K videos without interruption at all times. Because other devices also get a share of the cake. 

Or, because of old generation modems (802.11b, 802.11g and even 802.11n), you may not be able to benefit sufficiently from the Mbps that your service provider brings to your door. You should check all these and fix any problems if any.

6) Clean and Sanitize Your Devices

If you constantly touch your keyboard, screen, and mouse, and you also eat at your desk, your devices need to be cleaned regularly.

Crumbs and other substances spilled on your keyboard may prevent the keys from being pressed. For this, it may be sufficient to direct some compressed air onto the keyboard. Of course, if you go out and do it without exaggeration, you won’t encounter any problems.

If you have a desktop computer , its large fans will trap dust and your pet’s hair in the environment. After disconnecting the power supply, you can open the case cover and clean the inside of the case with some compressed air.

The situation may be a little more difficult with laptops. Opening the laptop’s case may void the warranty. However, if you turn off the device and blow some air through the ventilation holes, you can get rid of the residue inside.

For your screens, cleaning liquids or some isopropyl alcohol poured on a microfiber cloth will remove stains and kill viruses.

Make Sure Your Computer is Working Smoothly
If you are using a computer given to you by your company, you may not be able to do all of the suggestions we will list. If it’s yours, everything changes!

7) Check for Operating System Updates
You may be keeping your operating system up to date, but are other family members up to date as well? An update that a family member postpones may affect other devices connected to the network.

 Some computers use separate applications to manage firmware and updates. Launch the app on these devices and let it download the necessary drivers and updates from the cloud .

8) Optimize and Speed ​​Up Your Computer
If your PC starts slowly, you can take a look at our article ” 3 Ways to Speed ​​Up Your Computer’s Startup Time “. 

Resetting the device may be a solution to the problem of computer performance slowing down over time. In this case, you need to back up the files and settings you want to keep to the cloud or an external disk.

9) Upgrade Your Hard Drive to SSD
Switching from a spinning hard drive to an SSD is an incredibly effective way to increase the perceived speed of your laptop. You’ll still have to pay for a new SSD and do the installation yourself.

10) Automate Some PC Maintenance
Windows 10 includes some tools to help maintain your PC. There is no need to defragment your hard drive or SSD, for example Windows will do this automatically in the background. 

You can find it in Settings > Storage. You can also explore some options, including automatically deleting temporary files and automatically archiving untouched content to the cloud.

11) Backup Files Online
Using cloud storage tools is the easiest solution to back up your documents, photos, and even your desktop. OneDrive, Box, Drive, Dropbox and other cloud services are good options. If you have enough space, you can also perform a more comprehensive backup.

12) Use Antivirus Software
For those who do not want to pay, you can use Windows Defender, which is integrated into the Windows operating system, along with free antiviruses .

 13) Use Fully Security Applications You do not want information about your company or institution to be learned by others while working from home. For example, it wouldn’t be nice if uninvited guests joined a video conference with your manager. 

14) Check Your Printer
Experts say that the easiest point of attack on your home network is networked wireless printers. The reason is because they use a default password and are not designed for security. Upgrade your printer’s software and consider turning off Wi-Fi functions as well.

15) Change Your Passwords Constantly
Smart password management suggests that you should change your passwords at least every few months, even if it’s the master password you use to keep the password manager secure. 

There are many tips to help you; Mix and match words and titles on the books on your shelves, your addresses, your favorite poem, or any random object. This way you can create strong passwords .

Bonus) Clean Your Phone
We focused more on the PC in this article, but we shouldn’t forget your mobile phones either. As on PC, you have to worry about “fun” apps and games that run banner ads or ask to install other apps as “bonuses.”

 Removing these can often secure and speed up your phone. Deleting a few photos (after storing the best ones in the cloud or another handy place) never hurts either.

If you’ve made it to the end of this list, you’ve done a good job. Don’t forget to make these maintenance tips a habit to keep your devices clean, safe, and up-to-date . This way, you will have enough time to work efficiently and play games.



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